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Revolutionise your motorcycle experience with our bespoke exhaust systems and fitting service. At Life is a Ride we’re more than just suppliers - we're enthusiasts dedicated to enhancing your ride in every possible way, with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde custom exhaust.
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How Does it Sound?

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Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust systems are specifically designed to provide three distinctive modes to suit your riding style: the Dr. Jekill mode, dynamic mode, and the Mr. Hyde mode. Adapt to every riding situation effortlessly with a simple button's push, controlling a valve inside the muffler to either close, open, or open halfway. This customisation allows you to harness enhanced power and sound from your exhaust, whether you prefer the subtlety of Dr. Jekill mode, the adaptability of dynamic mode, or the raw power of Mr. Hyde mode - the choice is yours.

Dr. Jekill


Mr. Hyde

A Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust allows the rider to choose between 3 different sound modes. This means that the rider can enjoy the ride with his favourite soundtrack coming from his exhaust, but also be silent and calm when this is appropriate. You can choose between a silent, mellow tone, a dynamic mid-tone or go for a deep bass sound without any treble or mid tones. With a simple push of a button, a valve in the muffler closes or opens, allowing the sound level and character to be adjusted to the moment while riding. This valve is positioned in the centre of the exhaust, which gives the exhaust gases the possibility to bypass. The optimum position for sound, performance and emission and not visible from outside, which fits with our clean optic perfectly. (Note: Blackbox systems (motorcycles without CAN bus) offer two sound modes.)

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust is a completely legal exhaust system that complies with European laws and is ECE, EG-BE and TÜV approved. The reason for this is that every Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system contains a smartbox: this electronic control unit is the brain of the product and contains software that reads CANBUS signals coming from the motorcycle’s ECU.

By committing the system to the parameters set by EU legislation, the Smartbox will seamlessly and subtly intervene if necessary. Riders don’t have to worry about breaking the law in any situation; the system is always legal no matter what sound mode is selected.

That being said, we must also understand that we live in a crowded society where we have to accept that we also need to be considerate when it comes to the people around us, people that are maybe not at all charmed by the sound of a rumbling motorcycle. That is why at The Jekill and Hyde Company we offer you the possibility to adjust your sound to the moment. By doing this you can continue to carry out your favourite hobby, without disturbing others.

Why Choose Life is a Ride x DR. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

Tailored Excellence:

Our exhaust systems are tailor-made to fit your motorcycle model, ensuring optimal performance and seamless

Enhanced Performance:

Experience a boost in horsepower, torque, and throttle response, unlocking the full potential of your motorcycle.

Distinctive Sound:

Choose the sound that resonates with your personality - from a subtle hum to a commanding growl, we deliver the auditory experience you desire.


Control over the sound when you want it three stage mode.

Expert Fitting Service:

Our experienced technicians provide expert fitting, ensuring a hassle-free installation and perfect alignment of your bespoke exhaust system.

Exceptional Customer Service:

We prioritise your satisfaction and are always ready to assist you throughout your journey with our exhaust systems.

Join The Revolution

Elevate your ride to new heights with our bespoke exhaust systems. Whether you’re seeking an upgrade for performance, sound, or aesthetics, we have the perfect solution for you. Partner with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde and let your motorcycle speak your language.

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We are based in the south of the UK.

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