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AIO-5 Lite

Product Specifications
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AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System

In the box
AIO-5 Lite Camera x 2 GPS Module
Handle Bar Mounting Bracket Variable-Radius Ring
Suitable for 22-32mm pipe diameter
Buckle Clip x 2
Ball Joint Component Power Cable Magic Strap x 2
User's manual Installation Tools
AIO-5 LITE Back Mount
Working voltage: 12-18V/DC

Working temperature: -20-65°C

Product Dimensions: 136.2*78.8*26.8mm

Weight: 310g

Waterproof Rating: IP67


Built-in Storage: 32GB EMMC

Operating System: CGOS(Linux)

SD Card Support: 256GB

Bluetooth 1: Supports BLE 5.0 for connection to mobile

Bluetooth 2: Supports BLE50 for connecting headphones and devices
Screen size: 5 inches

LCD Material: IPS

Brightness: 1000Nit

Peak Brightness: 1200Nit

Automatic Brightness: Supported

Touch: Supported

WIFI: Supports 2.4/5.8G

GPS: External 10HZ GPS Module Supported GPS + BeiDou Satellite
CHIGEE AIO-5 LITE Dimensions
Camera Parameters
Image Sensor: IMX307

Resolution: 1920*1080

Frame rate: 30FPS

Lens Angle: D136.6° (H115.6°, V61.6°)

Lens Structure: 2 Glass + 4 Plastic + 1 IR-CUT f=3.0mm

Does it support HDR: Yes
Camera size: 45*35*56mm

Working Voltage: 5V

Camera Weight: 80g

Front Camera Cable Length: 1M

Rear Camera Cable Length: 2.5m
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CGRC Remote Control CAN For BMW Wheel Controller

Compatible with BMW C / F / S / R / K (8-Pin) & GS / GSA (4-Pin) models equipped with a wheel controller, allowing for safe and efficient operation of the AIO-5 LITE without the need to remove hands from the handlebars.

The following models are not currently supported as they do not adhere to the 4-Pin or 8-Pin compatibility specifications;
- 2022 BMW K16
- 2023 BMW R 1250 RT
- BMW R1300 GS

For S1000RR / M1000RR / S1000RRM / R1200RT models, select the 4-pin version for installation on the RDC interface.
BMW Wheel Control Compatible AIO-5 LITE
BMW Remote Parameters
BMW Remote for AIO-5 LITE Functions
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MFP0042 Fork Stem Mount

Compatible with 12-29mm Fork Stem Mount mounting holes for sport bike style.
MFP0042 Fork Stem Mount
AIO-5-lite Fork Stem Mount Location
MFP0042 Fork Stem Mount Specs
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MFP0022 Crossbar Mount (Φ12~Φ16mm)

Compatible with 12-16mm horizontal handlebar models, such as ADV, for easy installation.
MFP0022 Crossbar Mount Location
MFP0022 Crossbar Mount Installation
MFP0022 Crossbar Mount
MFP0022 Crossbar Mount Specs
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MFP0057 Side Mirror Extension Mount

Fix the AIO-5 Lite to the M8/M10 screw of the motorcycle rearview mirror.
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MFP0089 Wireless Remote Control

Say goodbye to complex wiring. This 2.4GHz wireless remote boasts offers installation, an intuitive button configuration for use without taking off gloves, multifunctionality, and robustness. Furthermore, it seamlessly connects with the AIO-5 LITE, delivering motorcyclists a secure and effortless remote control experience.
CG Pro Wireless Remote Control
MFP0089 Wireless Remote Control
MFP0089 Wireless Remote Control Instructions
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MFP0019 External Tyre Sensor (Pair)

The external tyre pressure sensor, crafted from premium aluminium alloy, is straightforward to fit and features a compact design alongside a long-lasting battery. It offers real-time tyre monitoring, displaying concurrent information on tyre pressure and temperature, ensuring tyre safety is always prioritised.
MFP0019 External Tyre Pressure Sensor Installation
9 AIO-5 Lite External Tyre Pressure Sensor Pair
MFP0019 External Tyre Pressure Sensor
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